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SID“Every time he plays a single note I’m so taken away with his artistry and supreme gift.”

Sid Bernstein (the late and great!)

Sit back and take a moment to listen to Lou’s captivating music.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Barney’s Blues – Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Hotel California – Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

But Not For Me – Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar legend Lou Volpe

NYC Jazz Legend Lou Volpe

Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar Live

7 Steps to Heaven from TV concert

Lou Volpe performing at Bronxnet TV

Yamaha APX500II Acoustic Electric Guitar At Hammond Organ World

Lou Volpe Televised Concert

Lou Volpe is a great guitarist. You should hear this guy play.

George Benson

Lou Volpe's guitar stylings evoke memories of the Golden Age of American Pop Music and remind us why it was a Golden Age

Jack Kleinsinger, Producer of Highlights in Jazz

Riveting, exciting...Jazz as it was meant to be. I really do mean that.

Joe Franklin

Lou Volpe is one of the greatest guitarists.

Joey Reynolds