Dizzy Gillespie Theater to Joey’s “Sunday Night Live” show 77 WABC 770

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We had a great night at our annual concert at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater in the Bahai’ Center last Tuesday night. The band featured Gary Fritz on percussion, Richie Morales on drums and Rich Syracuse played bass.Thanks to all who came from near and far!

This Sunday, July 2nd at 9 PM Lou will play some American favorites and talk with his good friend, Joey Reynolds on his 77 WABC 770 radio show. Hope you can tune in and listen to Joey. He’s brilliant and funny!http://www.wabcradio.com/2016/10/07/the-joey-reynolds-show


Jazzcast and Concert at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater

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We are happy to announce that our new jazzcast is up and running! Episode #19 (http://LOUVOLPE.LIBSYN.COM) features acoustic jazz, big band and a live performance of new and not so new jazz guitar arrangements.
Here is the podcast description:

The basics of arranging music for a recording session are explored as Lou plays a new take on Stella.

The big band is back in this episode with a rousing Trumpet section, not to mention the Trombones, Saxes and Rhythm section!

An acoustic guitar tone is featured on the pensive “Mountain Stream”.

The Quartet is also highlighted in this recording from our concert last year at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater. A new take on a classic.

Also, there are advance tickets available for our annual concert, Tuesday, June 20th 8 PM at the Dizzy Gillespie Theater on w. 11th street. Please visit http://louvolpejazz.com/shop/ for info.

Please check out our schedule which starts off with 2 solo guitar shows this coming weekend: http://louvolpejazz.com/shows/

See you soon,
The Lou Volpe Team

EPISODE #18 Jazz Guitar Tones Interplay and upcoming shows

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We just published our latest podcast about Jazz Guitar Tones and sounds used in various orchestrations along with a little story about Lou’s experience in the studio with Miles Davis. Also included is a bit of a live performance with the quartet at the Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium: LOUVOLPE.LIBSYN.COM
This is the description for the Jazzcast: 

Listen to multiple guitars respond and “play off” each other in the first segment with “But Not Really For Me”.

Hear an arrangement written for a full orchestra, but played with different guitar sounds and tones to simulate the different instrument parts.

Also featured in this episode is a little story about Lou’s sessions for the great Miles Davis and “guitar sounds”.

And a live performance with the Quartet and Green Dolphin Street.

Along with our residency gig every Saturday at Villa Amalfi (Cliffside Park, NJ), we are appearing at Showman’s Jazz soon, The Bitter End, and a few corporate venues to be announced. These events will soon be up on: http://louvolpejazz.com/shows/

Special thanks to everyone coming out to see the shows and purchasing our CDs at the gigs and online!

Showman’s Lou Volpe Group and Episode #17

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Live Harlem Jazz Quartet Duo Guitar

We had a great time at Harlem’s Jazz Jewel, Showman’s Jazz Club this past weekend. Our most sincere thanks to all our friends who filled the place and showed their appreciation with cheers and CD purchases! You are the reason we are there. Rich Syracuse on bass, Pete Levin on organ and John Cooksey on drums gave the music a special flair all night long.

We also just published the latest Lou Volpe Jazzcast, Episode #17. The new podcast features the guitar duo format, a live trio rendition of an original arrangement, and talks about Lou’s first meeting and playing with the great George Benson. (George was nice enough to bring his producer to see Lou play solo the following week.) Hope you can check it out: LOUVOLPE.LIBSYN.COM

Some exciting news for us: We are prepping the music for our next album release now and should have some more news on that soon, as new bookers and venues are taking notice of our work.

An on-line guitar class series is in the works.

More news coming soon! Thanks for checking out our latest update.

The Lou Volpe Team

Birdland to our NEW PODCAST

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Our gig at Birdland and the Latest Podcast!



We had a great time playing at Birdland Jazz Club earlier this month and want to thank the sound and stage crew for a smooth show. And a special thanks to all who came out to see the show!

The new podcast, EPISODE #16 (“Arranging & Composing for Jazz Guitar settings”) is up and running. Hope you can check it out! Just click on the icon below to listen.

Here is the description:

Here is Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar’s latest Jazz Cast…

Episode #16 brings you into Jazz Guitar and shows you some of the nuts and bolts of Lou’s writing and arranging for guitar, jazz trio, and a big band.

Included is a new big band arrangement on a song that Lou is writing but orchestrating it here with guitars rather than horns. Enjoy!

Lou Volpe’s Jazz Cast: EPISODE #16 Arranging & Composing for Jazz Guitar
Episode #16 brings you into Jazz Guitar and shows you some of the nuts and bolts of Lou’s writing and… more.

Harlem to St Peter’s Church Jazz

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We had a full house standing room and squeezing-room-only capacity audience to welcome us back to our return engagement at Showman’s Jazz last Friday night (October 7, 2016). We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who came to hear us!

Kudos and thanks to Pete Levin on organ, Rich Syracuse on bass and John Cooksey on the drums. These musicians played their hearts out and we so appreciate their excellence.

Also, we are very excited to be performing at St Peter’s Church on Lexington and 54th Street at a special jazz event for healing. It’s called “Project Azania (Music to heal all). Jazz Guitar will be playing some special compositions chosen and one specifically written for this occasion. The date is Tuesday, October 18 at 7:30 PM.  There will be some other wonderful musicians also playing.We used to play for the original “jazz priest”,  the Reverend John Genzel who started bringing jazz to the Church when we played with Herbie Mann. More details soon at: http://louvolpejazz.com/shows/


Bronx TV to Harlem Jazz Guitar

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Video for our Bronxnet.org gig

Here is our latest update news:

We shot an outdoor video last week at Westchester Square to announce our upcoming gigs for October and also to bring attention to the great work being done by the folks at the Business Improvement District at Westchester Square, Bronx, NY . Excerpts will be shown at our local TV date for Monday, October 3rd at 10 to 11 AM on http://bronxnet.org. The station will continue airing the “live” performance at the TV studio for a few weeks after on the website. Search “Lou Volpe” at the site. Such wonderful and talented people at the Bronxnet at Lehman College network. Cannot thank them enough for getting the word out about our upcoming gigs and for their truly professional work.

Our cameraman (Felipe Garcia) and our announcer/interviewer (Arlene Mukoko)  will be at our gig coming up at Showman’s Jazz in Harlem at 375 West 125th Street, Friday night October 7th. The band will feature the Lou Volpe Quartet with Pete Levin on the organ, Rich Syracuse on bass and one of the best in Harlem and NYC, John Cooksey on drums. See our schedule http://louvolpejazz.com/shows/ for details.

Jazz Guitar will be back with WBLS radio jock “Doctor” Bob Lee on his morning show “OPEN” at 10 to 11 AM on Monday October 3rd.. You can see the the show at  http://bronxnet.org.

We are back at the Starving Artist (Sunday, October 2nd) and the Glenpointe Marriott (Tuesday October 4th) doing the new solo guitar show.  http://louvolpejazz.com/shows has all the info.

So this week it’s Amalfi on Saturday (10/1), Starving Artist (10/2), Bronxnet TV (10/3), Glenpointe Marriott (10/4), Showman’s (10/7) and Amalfi again (10/8). Hope you can catch us on one of these dates.

We are delighted to be booked at the Birdland jazz club for the very first time! Jazz guitar will be performing and a super talented vocalist named Diaz. More details coming up in our next “What’s New” update.

Our Latest Jazz Guitar Review

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Playing for almost a thousand people at the George Harrison Concert in February, 2015

Playing for almost a thousand people at the George Harrison Concert in February, 2015


Jazz guitar received this great review! Just have to share with you this last review from Dr Roberta E. Zlokower, an avid jazz enthusiast, entrepreneur and writer.

By Dr. Roberta E. ZlokowerAugust 8, 2016


This CD is an evocative instrumental tribute to Frank Sinatra and his lush vocal repertory. Lou Volpe, on guitar and keyboards, captures the emotional and tonal essence of Sinatra, without bringing in a singalong sound-alike. This is pure genius, as one can mentally recreate images of Sinatra’s exquisite voice, from moment to moment, while mainly focusing on the melancholy, moody, or upbeat stylizations. The lyrics are psychically inherent here, and the sound is magnetic. With Delmar Brown, Mel Davis, and Onaje Allan Gumbs on keyboards, Stanley Banks and Leo Traversa on bass, Gary Fritz on percussion, and Buddy Williams and Sipho Kunene on drums, that rhythmic sound varies with swing, Latin, bossa, and blues in the mix. Thirteen Sinatra classics are included, plus one final dedication solo, for Mr. Volpe, “Europa”, by Carlos Santana. A few other classics, in addition to the four tracks below, to be discovered in this album, are “Speak Low”, “That’s Life”, “The Best Is Yet To Come’, and I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.


Notable tracks:


#4 – You Go to My Head – Composed by J.F. Coots / H. Gillespie, 1938. The combination of Brown, Traversa, Fritz, and Williams, fusing with Mr. Volpe’s guitar, especially in generous drum-percussion infusion, gives this track a sophisticated, jazzy, midnight ambiance. One can imagine Sinatra with a glass of bourbon and a cigarette, in an orchestral interlude, gazing on his adoring fans. Mr. Volpe’s guitar flies through this song with breezy, ebullient musicality.


#6 – One for My Baby – Composed by H. Arlen / J. Mercer, 1943. Mr. Volpe takes his guitar to the blues, with the trio of Davis, Banks, and Williams featured, intertwining with his soulful guitar. Stanley Banks’ bass, in particular, transports the listener to a nightclub in Manhattan or Vegas or LA, wherever Sinatra might be hanging out, on a smoky, dimly lit stage, loosened tie, glass in hand.


#9 – Softly As I Leave You – Composed by G. Calabrese / T. De Vita, 1960. Mr. Volpe’s pure, tonal, guitar solo reminds me of clips I’ve seen of Sinatra singing solo, maybe at the end of a long evening, an encore for the crowd. With no accompaniment except Mr. Volpe’s own second guitar-dubbing, the melancholia is harnessed and quintessentially expressed. Mr. Volpe brings a light touch, but unwavering melody to this track.


#12 – All the Things You Are – Composed by J. Kern / O. Hammerstein, 1939. Here, in a trio performance, Mr. Volpe is accompanied only by the Traversa-Williams duo on bass and drums. The rhythms are rambunctious, romantic, and rapid in this joyfully stylized ballad. The understated Savoy Swing tempo, here, makes this track mentally danceable and illustrative of Mr. Volpe’s impressive versatility, and Sinatra’s.

Thanks for checking out our “What’s New” page! 
The LV Team

From Solo Concert to Jeff Beck show to our new Podcast and a RE-RELEASE!

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now on iTunes, Spotify, all major music outlets!

now on iTunes, Spotify, all major music outlets!


We had a great time at our June show at Don’t Tell Mama’s. They have a wonderful sound guy there who repaired a broken foot pedal and found some “vintage”  Lou Volpe releases from a now defunct record company to play during the introduction and intermission. Thanks Ian. And thanks to all who made it down to Restaurant Row, NYC to make the night a joy and a success for us!

A “new” re-release: Our “Hear and Now” CD is now available for sale and download on all the music sites. This a straight ahead collection of the guitar in a classic jazz quartet setting playing originals and a high energy version of “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise”. We feature the great Bob Cranshaw on bass along with Onaje Allan Gumbs on piano and the superb Buddy Williams on drums. Also included in the set is a fresh rendition of “Coltrane of Thought”. It came in #4 after a Chick Corea album on many jazz sites when it was first released in 2011!

Also got to see the always new Jeff Beck play at the Capital theater in mid July. Such a sound and so gracious back stage.

AND, our new podcast, EPISODE #14 is up and running. The description they give is:

This episode focuses on rhythm, in particular the rhythm guitar. 
The importance of a good feeling “groove” is demonstrated in a live performance featuring a wonderful drummer and fine percussionist. (Buddy Williams and Gary Fritz)
Lou says, “I find I get such a positive response to my music when the audience ‘feels’ the rhythm. They relate more to the song and the performance”
A spirited live version of Lou’s ASTRAL ISLAND is included along with other examples of studio tracks and “live in studio” guitar work to feature rhythm guitar!
You can listen at: http://louvolpe.libsyn.com or iTunes and Android podcasts links.
Just wanted to let you know that our latest release, “Remembering Ol’ Blue Eyes” is now being played on high rotation in Germany. Swiss Jazz and some stations in France are also airing the CD!
     Thanks from the LV Team.

Our Show this Friday night on “restaurant row”, NYC

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Our Show this Friday night on “restaurant row”, NYC

Hope you can join us for a special show we put together for this Friday Night!

Here is our flyer for the announcement:Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Friday, June 3rd 8:00pm

Don’t Tell Mama

343 West 46th Street

NYC  10036    www.donttellmamanyc.com

$15 Admission with a 2 drink minimum

For reservations and information:  212-757-0788  

(Reservations are recommended, but not required)

Lou’s Latest CD review:

A virtuoso of consummate artistry, Lou is in masterful control of not only his instrument, but also the full vernacular of musical expression, distilled into a sound as distinctive and personal as the human voice. His playing “’sings” the song as if he was uttering the lyrics. Throughout this album, his phrasing is always perfectly shaped to the demands of the song and its lyrics, and never beholden to his personal style. As with Sinatra, that personal interpretation is entirely his, while still making the song the center of focus.


Lou’s playing is spectacular throughout. Blazing single-note runs, riveting chordal playing, rich smears, edgy twang, swirling crescendos, filigreed delicacy, inventive call-and-response, and brilliant use of syncopation and suspension are all brought to the fore as needed to tell the fascinating and utterly enthralling stories that are not only contained in the lyrics, but within the singular artistry that is Lou Volpe. Virtuosic without question, but never for its own sake and always within the purest essence of the song and the tale it tells.



For more information, visit www.louvolpejazz.com