Our Show this Friday night on “restaurant row”, NYC

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Our Show this Friday night on “restaurant row”, NYC

Hope you can join us for a special show we put together for this Friday Night!

Here is our flyer for the announcement:Lou Volpe Jazz Guitar

Friday, June 3rd 8:00pm

Don’t Tell Mama

343 West 46th Street

NYC  10036    www.donttellmamanyc.com

$15 Admission with a 2 drink minimum

For reservations and information:  212-757-0788  

(Reservations are recommended, but not required)

Lou’s Latest CD review:

A virtuoso of consummate artistry, Lou is in masterful control of not only his instrument, but also the full vernacular of musical expression, distilled into a sound as distinctive and personal as the human voice. His playing “’sings” the song as if he was uttering the lyrics. Throughout this album, his phrasing is always perfectly shaped to the demands of the song and its lyrics, and never beholden to his personal style. As with Sinatra, that personal interpretation is entirely his, while still making the song the center of focus.


Lou’s playing is spectacular throughout. Blazing single-note runs, riveting chordal playing, rich smears, edgy twang, swirling crescendos, filigreed delicacy, inventive call-and-response, and brilliant use of syncopation and suspension are all brought to the fore as needed to tell the fascinating and utterly enthralling stories that are not only contained in the lyrics, but within the singular artistry that is Lou Volpe. Virtuosic without question, but never for its own sake and always within the purest essence of the song and the tale it tells.



For more information, visit www.louvolpejazz.com