Jazz Radio Harlem and Spontaneous Guitar Jam

By April 22, 2015Updates

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WHCR- 90.3 FM is a great radio station! It’s located at the City Community Collge Campus and I had the joyful experience last Saturday morning of co-hosting and playing with some wonderful musicians and singers. Daa’yia Sanusi has this show (Gardens of Tranquility and Contemplation & First Light) every Saturday morning 6 to 11 AM! She plays the finest and most soulful jazz. Daa’yia is such a great personality and has this good feeling energy that you feel in her voice! This show was to support the station’s annual fund raising drive.

I spoke a little about my new CD and some gigs I am doing, then I played my arrangement of “You Go To My Head” (off my upcoming CD) when we were joined by some musicians and singers.

And that turned into a duet with the great Duke Jones on trumpet, and then a trio with the soulful Antoinette Montague on vocal, and so on adding African vocalist, Miyoka Leone (sp?). What a voice!

More “Remembering Ol’ Blue Eyes” news will be posted soon after our mastering session next week.