Performance and CD updates

By October 29, 2015Updates

Creole w:Goldtop

After our CD Release party at Showman’s, we had a few more scheduled: The Harlem Tavern (a really nice room on 116th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard). Only a few blocks away from Showman’s but with an entirely different audience. And band! I played there with a percussionist and myself! Interesting duo. John Cooksey brought his conga and percussion “toys” and really rocked the arrangements from the CD out of the park! It was a little more freedom for me on the guitar even as I played rhythm/bass and lead at the same time. We sold a bunch of CDs, so I guess we were doing something right.

After that was the Why Not Jazz Room in the Village. Again, for an entirely different audience. And I played solo. Slightly altered versions of the tunes were used to accommodate the solo guitar delivery. It seemed like a much younger age group was there. Very attentive to the details of the solo format and showed their appreciation profusely with applause and CD sales. Both of which I love!

A place in New Rochelle called Alvin and Friends is a wonderful jazz room with a Caribbean flavor. Great audience of music lovers who always enjoy the different grooves I go through during my set. I often go from “straight ahead’ to reggae to samba and contemporary to latin “feels” throughout the set. Thank you Alvin’s and all my friends who made the night a success and a great night for me. (I talk about a new technique I use for solo playing style in my upcoming podcast, along with some behind the scenes stories about my time with Bette Midler in EPISODE 5.)