Theater and Jazz Guitar

By July 7, 2015Updates

We played our annual performance with and for the children of the Trenton Education Dance Institute last month. Always an amazing experience for me. Especially since the music is very, very guitar-feature oriented! I love that.

There are about 250 students from the grammar schools, middle schools  and high schools of the Trenton, New Jersey area who participate in this event. To see 40, 50 or more of these youngsters performing intricate song and dance routines on stage at one time is so heart warming. They put on a wonderful “Broadway Show” style of performance that they worked very hard on all year long. Acting, dancing and singing! Remembering the steps, moves and lines of the script can be very demanding on these young “actors”, but they rise to the occasion above and beyond every year under the direction of Nicholas Rodriguez, a New York dance instructor and creative choreographer who loves theater and children. This years show was exceptional.

We rehearsed and performed with the ensemble for a little over a week to prepare for the “big show”: when we play for parents, backers and dignitaries from the Jersey political scene.  A wonderful night! Kudos to all the students, instructors, organizers, wardrobe staff, stage managers, sound and stage crews, carpenters and my fellow musicians in the orchestra who gave their very best. Everyone had a real blast!

one number on the sidelines

on the sidelines